Monkey Group and Kitchen Podular Announce New Strategic Partnership to Tackle Dedicated Production Lines for Off Premise Sales

Monkey Group, an enterprise software, training and insights company dedicated to helping restaurant operators grow their off-premise sales and profits, and Kitchen Podular have announced a strategic partnership to promote the next generation of restaurant takeout and catering.

Kitchen Podular custom builds modular kitchens for restaurant brands that include a make-line for food preparation and a service window to divert off-premise orders away from the retail wait area. Restaurant operators can place the mobile asset on their existing real estate or find a space through Kitchen Podular’s network of Hotel, Grocery and Convenience store partners.

“We’re providing restaurant operators a customized off-premise solution that creates a dedicated production line without disrupting the dine-in guest experience,” said Michael Manion, founder and CEO of Kitchen Podular. “Off-premise is now the premise for most brands. It’s all about utilizing non-traditional real estate to increase production capacity to accommodate large catering orders and service off premise sales while freeing up the retail space for retail customers. Kitchen Podular can help brands better operationally handle the massive shift to catering, takeout and 3rd party delivery.”

“We’re pleased to welcome Kitchen Podular as another certified supply chain partner of our Off Premise Academy and Catering Institute,” said Erle Dardick, Founder and CEO of Monkey Group. “Our goal is to create a network of suppliers that have embraced, and have innovative solutions that satisfy the best practices of our business framework that we identify as the five pillars of successful takeout, delivery & catering – leadership, centralized services, sales and marketing, operations and delivery. Kitchen Podular meets many of the criteria that we have set out to help make it easier for foodservice operators to execute their off premise sales channels,” added Dardick.

As part of this partnership agreement, Monkey Group and Kitchen Podular will engage in co-marketing and co-branding programs along with restaurant industry communications initiatives to better serve the industry.

About Monkey Group
Monkey Group is made up of MonkeyMedia Software, The Catering Institute, and Off Premise Insights. Using The Catering Institute business framework, 5 Pillars of Successful Restaurant Takeout, Delivery, and Catering, Monkey Group works closely with each brand’s executive team to drive strategic alignment, provide education for team members, and deploy the MONKEY platform. With MONKEY, operators have access to a full suite of off-premise functionality, including unified multi-channel ordering (online, mobile and call center), CRM, case management, catering sales team and lead management, integrated accounting functionality to manage business-to-business accounts, catering order production management, and delivery dispatch management. Learn more about the 5 Pillars at and for more information on Monkey Group, visit

About Kitchen Podular

Kitchen Podular manufactures modular ghost kitchens for the new era in the foodservice industry, creating a dedicated production line for restaurant chains that is focused on delivery and catering order production. Each pod is customized for maximum operational efficiency and effectiveness, costing substantially less than food trucks or traditional brick & mortar build outs. Best of all, this is a versatile asset a restaurant operator owns and can move anywhere, anytime, unlike traditional tenant improvements. Financing options available. To learn more, visit


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